Heated Systems – Warm Applied

N-2700 Series Warm Melt Dispensers

The N-2700 Series Warm Melt Dispensers are a series of Constant Flow Rate, Positive Displacement, Piston Metering units designed to melt and dispense warm applied adhesives and sealers directly from 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum original material supply containers. Using the time tested and proven Ram Meter Series Dispenser technology, the Warm Melt Series Dispensers integrate all temperature control functions with the dispenser functions into one clean package.

Some of the standard features of the N-2700 Series Warm Melt Dispensers are as follows:

  • Positive Piston Displacement Metering Unit ensures repeatable volumetric output of shots or beads of material dispensed.
  • Heavy Duty, Temperature and Pressure Compensated Hydraulic Drive Package provides an adjustable but Constant Flow Rate Dispenser that is capable of delivering repeatable beads or shots of material, independent of material viscosity or fluid pressure variations. Electric Servo Drive package is available as an option.
  • Heavy Duty, Double Post Elevators are used on both 5 gallon and 55 gallon units to raise and lower metering unit into supply container and maintain forceful contact of heated platen to surface of material for uniform melting. 3” rams are used for 5 gallon elevators and 5 1/2” rams are used on 55 gallon units as standard. For difficult to melt materials, a 6 1/2” ram double post 55 gallon elevator is available as an option.
  • Material Low Level Warning and controls interlock prevent Reloading on an empty container and thus cavitating the meter.
  • System Temperature Control is accomplished via 4 independent closed-loop temperature controlled zones. This provides maximum flexibility to material heating requirements. Zones controlled are platen, meter, hose and gun.
  • PID Temperature Controllers, 1 for each zone, provide precise control of the material temperature even under variable operating conditions.
  • SCR type Solid-state power relays allow for rapid cycling of power to the heaters for tight temperature control and extended heater life.
  • High Temperature Limit Controllers, 1 for each zone, provide independent, safety back-up over-temperature protection for the system.
  • 2 Temperature Sensors are provided for each zone for independent, accurate and reliable temperature sensing. Probe type Thermocouples, actually immersed and sensing the material temperature in each zone, are provided for the PID controllers. Surface mount washer thermocouples, attached to the heated parts of each zone, are provided for the Limit controllers. Thermocouples provide rugged and fast responding temperature sensors. RTD sensors are available as an option.
  • Automatic Temperature Setback feature allows the temperature controllers’ setpoints to be automatically reduced to lower “holding” temperatures whenever material is not being used for a given amount of time. This feature extends the work life of most materials by not heating the material for excessive amounts of time. It also allows the dispenser to heat up and attain working temperature more rapidly than from a cold start.
  • Automatic Time Lapse Shutdown feature automatically shuts down the system whenever it is left unattended and not used for a selectable amount of time. This feature prevents the system from being left in Setback mode indefinitely and also ensures an automatic and more gradual equipment / material cool-down process.
  • NEMA 12 rated control panel built to automotive standards (JIC) provides control of all dispenser functions and includes a complete operator interface.

Many options are available for the N-2700 Warm Melt Dispensers. Options such as the Twin Flow System, which provides dual heated metering units that auto-crossover from one metering unit to the other when a material container is emptied. Contact Jesco for further details.