N-3200 Series FACTS

Jesco Model N-3200 Series Full Analog Control Tracking System (F.A.C.T.S.) Constant Flow Rate Dispenser

The Jesco Model N-3200 Series Full Analog Control Tracking Systems are specifically built for use in robotic dispensing systems, where full analog flow control at the dispense tip is required.
The patented N-3200 Series Dispensers embody revolutionary new dispensing technology in their design, construction and control. Three basic system features are required—the metering device, control panel and servo driven gun.

This new technology makes it possible for the dispenser to track an analog output signal from a robot that is proportional to flow rate required. It delivers, without delay, a flow rate of material at the tip proportional to the analog signal, with full compensation for variable loads caused by material characteristics that vary with respect to time and temperature.

The N-3200 Series Full Analog Control Tracking System Constant Flow Rate Dispensers are available in several different models within the series to suit specific customer requirements.

  • Hydraulic or electric servo powered meters.
  • Precision tool steel gear pump meters.
  • Single or twin flow positive piston displacement metering units.
  • Conventional or high viscosity material metering units.
  • Flow rate capabilities of up to 150 cubic inches per minute at a maximum dispense pressure of 5500 psi.

The CS-465 Control Panel includes: a high performance stand alone servo controller which controls the entire dispensing system and interfaces the dispenser with the robot/PLC through a pin receptacle; an operator interface display and keyboard for displaying warning, fault and status messages, as well as allowing the operator to enter values for tuning parameters and manual dispense flow rates; manual operators and indicator lights for mode selection; meter drive and gun servo motor amplifiers, and isolation transformers for control and drive power.
The N-2995 Analog Dispense Gun is a brushless, servo motor driven, ball screw actuated, snuff-back type spool valve.
Existing Jesco Constant Flow Rate Dispensers can be converted to the N-3200 Series Dispensing Systems. Information on conversion packages is available upon request.