N-4820 Series Electric Drive Two Component Dispensers

The N-4820 Series dispensers are fixed volumetric ratio, lance piston, positive displacement dispensers with analog flow rate capability through their automation / robot interface.

These Servo Electric powered dispensers were designed to dispense aggressive 2 Part sealers and adhesives, such as those used to bond Automotive sheet metal. They were specifically designed to provide long service life with minimal required maintenance while dispensing abrasive materials in high duty cycle applications.

When developing the N-4820 Series Dispensers, the prototype was “in-house” tested by Jesco at a simulated production rate of 128 JPH to 1 Million dispense cycles on an aggressive 2-part epoxy based material. This strenuous testing was done in an effort to optimize the selection and design of critical machine components and thus minimize the required maintenance and maximize the uptime of this line of equipment.

Each Jesco N-4820 Series Dispenser includes many standard equipment features and is basically comprised of the following key components:

  • Metering Unit
  • Controls
  • Two component Mix Gun

Some of the standard features and capabilities of the Metering Unit are as follows:

  • Heavy Duty Channel Frame assembly provides a robust framework.
  • High Efficiency Ball Screw Actuator.
  • Brushless AC Servo Motor.
  • Heavy Duty Guide Rod, Bearing and roller mounted Travel Arm.
  • Volumetric Dispensing Ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 are available by changing out one or both meter assemblies.
  • All system components rated for 3000 psi max operating material pressure.
  • Long stroke meters provide for a maximum volumetric output of 9.8 in3 / 160.9 cc (144.8 cc usable) per stroke at 4:1 ratio and allow multiple part processing per stroke.
  • Heavy Duty Travel Bar with self centering mechanism.
  • Precision, Flush Sensing Pressure Transducer in each meter assembly.
  • Meter Assemblies are easily accessed from either side of the Metering Unit and are 2 bolt flanged mounted.
  • Quick Change Packing design on Meter Assemblies.
  • Metering rods are power assisted / drawn back during the Refill Cycle.
  • Closed Wet Seal gland design with “Rod After-wipe” provision.
  • Circulating Wet Seal Lube Pump periodically flushes wet seal cavity.
  • Extensive use of heat treated steels and Hard Plating.
  • Extensive use of Tuff / Long Wearing and Chemically Compatible Seals.

The standard CS-745 Control Panel includes the following components and features:

  • Nema 12 rated Panel built to “generic automotive” (JIC) standards.
  • PLC for control of all Dispenser functions.
  • Color Touchscreen for HMI / MMI functionality.
  • All field devices (except servo motor) are connected with double ended quick disconnect cords.
  • Robot Interface.
  • AB Data Highway+ Network is available for programming and interface to a Supervisory Controller.
  • Brushless AC “Digital” Servo Drive.
  • Volume and Flow Rate Indicator with adjustable High and Low Limit alarms are provided.
  • Servo Torque Monitoring and display with adjustable High Limit alarm.
  • Password protected Adjustable Machine Parameters are accessible via the touchscreen.
  • Active and Historic Alarm Display Pages.
  • Virtual Last Part Limit Switch is provided.
  • Diagnostic Page and On-line Process Parameter Graphing Page.
  • Panel door mounted Remote Power and Programming Ports provided.
  • The standard Two Component Mix Gun has the following features:
  • Small, Compact and Lightweight Gun weighs only 3 lbs.
  • Quick and Convenient means of ratio checking.
  • Readily Accepts commercially available Plastic Disposable Mixers.
  • Marrying Adapter keeps the 2 material components totally separated.
  • Dual Reverse Acting Spool Valve design provides “draw-back” action when the gun closes.
  • Gun Air Cylinder Direct Drives both valving rods in tandem.
  • Wet Seal Gland provided behind both rod main seals.
  • Extensive use of Heat Treated steels and Hard Plating.
  • Extensive use of Tuff / Long Wearing and Chemically Compatible Seals.
  • 3000 psi max fluid pressure rating. 3/8” NPT material inlet ports.
  • Various Ergonomic trigger handles available for Manual Dispensing.

The N-4820 Series Electric Drive dispensers have many optional features available. These optional features allow the dispenser to be customized to suit the special requirements of an application. Contact Jesco today for more information.