N-888 Series One Component Conventional Viscosity Hydraulic Piston Meter Dispensers

The Jesco N-888 Series dispensers are constant flow rate, positive displacement dispensers that can meter low to high viscosity adhesives and sealers directly from the material supply container. They can dispense precisely metered shots or consistent diameter beads at an adjustable and repeatable flow rate.

Because of their Pressure and Temperature Compensated Hydraulic drive package, the Ram Meter Series of dispensers can efficiently and accurately meter materials.

Available System Features:

  • Shot size from .5 to 600cc
  • Viscosities up to 2 million CPS
  • 5000 psi maximum working fluid pressure
  • Hydraulically Operated
  • PLC/Electrically controlled
  • Lubed main seal available for moisture sensitive materials (shown)
  • Positive piston displacement for accurate repeatability
  • Shot Counter for missed part
  • Ideal for Urethane glass
  • Multiple Shot Size Selection
  • Foot Pedal/Pushbutton or Remote Robot Signal Actuated