N-888-CM Series Dispensers

The N-888-CM Series Dispensers comprise a very extensive line of 2 component, fixed ratio, Positive Displacement, Constant Flow Rate, Lance type Piston Metering dispensers. These dispensers were originally developed to meter, mix and dispense 2 part, 78:1 and 22:1 ratio by volume, Water Catalyzed Urethane adhesives in Automotive Glass Bonding applications.

Today, numerous versions of the N-888-CM Series dispensers are available to dispense virtually any 2 component material, at ratios from 10:1 to 80:1, with viscosities up to 3 McP and at pressures up to 3000 psi. Whether the need is to dispense small, accurate and repeatable shots at very fast repetition rates or long, large cross-section, consistent and uniform beads of mixed material, there is an N-888-CM Series Dispenser available to do the job.

All of the N-888-CM Series dispensers include the famous Jesco Roto-Stat Air Powered High Shear Dynamic Mixer. Available in 3 different sizes, this single port mixer is capable of producing uniform and consistent mixtures, even on the widest ratios and most difficult to mix 2 component chemistries.

All N-888-CM Series dispensers (except for the –PAL portable air logic units) are constant flow rate machines. This is accomplished with the Pressure and Temperature compensated Hydraulic Drive Package that powers the metering cylinders. This feature provides consistent and repeatable flow rate control of the material dispensed, irregardless of Time, Temperature, Pressure or Batch material characteristics that can vary.

Whether relay logic or PLC controlled, all N-888-CM Series dispensers include a control panel built to automotive electrical (JIC) standards. Standard controls include the following functionality at a minimum;

  • A mixer speed indicator with high and low limit speed controls.
  • Automatic mixed material purge controls with adjustable purge duration, purge delay and purge interval timers.
  • One part, straight resin purge capability.
  • Manual controls and indicator lights for operating the equipment and diagnosing major faults.

Other features available are the “-TS” Timed Shot control option that works together with the Heavy Duty P & T Compensated Hydraulic Drive package to provide accurate and repeatable shots. The “-ROB” option provides an interface to a Robot or other Supervisory controller and also includes a Volume and Flow Rate Indicator with High and Low Limits that facilitate monitoring and verifying process parameter requirements.

The N-888-CM Series dispensers are available in several different versions, each one uniquely capable of fulfilling the requirements of numerous applications.

The N-888-CM unit pictured above can dispense up to 39.8 in3 of 78:1 ratio mixed material per stroke and can be used in manual or automated dispensing cells. With a “-TS” option, this machine has been used to dispense repeatable and rapid fired shots.

The N-888-CM-TF unit pictured above is a Twin Flow system capable of delivering a nearly continuous flow of 78:1 ratio mixed material. Its dual 39.8 in3 capacity metering units alternately dispense from one side while the other side is refilling. This “–TF” unit with its Robot interface and Volume and Flow Rate Indicator package is intended for automated dispensing cells where production rates meet or exceed 90 Jobs per Hour. With its High Shear Dynamic mixer, mixed material delivery rates of 90 in3 per minute or more is not a problem. This unit also includes a Diagnostic Indicator Panel as part of the controls package. This feature provides skilled trades a graphic indication of the machine status that can be observed at a glance. It also pin-points fault occurrences, if and when they occur, to the system area / device level.

Need a machine with very small shot or low flow rate capability? No problem! The N-888-CM-LV-ROB dispenser with its 12.6 in3 capacity per stroke and small P & T compensated flow controls has Robotically applied consistent 3 mm diameter or smaller beads of 78:1 ratio mixed material.

Have a part requiring a long and large cross-sectional area bead of hard to mix 2 part material? Is 39.8 in3 per stroke not enough capacity? How about the 79.5 in3 per stroke N-888-CM-VAN unit! Not only does it have a large capacity, but the entire metering unit is trolley mountable so that it can follow the job while dispensing mixed material.

There are many other versions of the N-888-CM Series dispensers available, too many to mention all of them here. So if you have a viscous, wide ratio, difficult to mix, 2 component material that needs to be dispensed accurately and repeatably, ask about the Jesco N-888-CM Series Dispensers.

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Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers

The Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers are a complete line of fixed ratio, single acting, positive piston displacement metering systems. All Model 500 Series Dispensers are air powered units and most include an adjustable output feature. Poly-Matic Series dispensers are relatively low cost dispensing systems typically used in manual or semi-automated dispensing applications where repeatable fixed shots of mixed material are required.

As can be seen in the chart below, the Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers encompass models that can dispense a wide range of 2 component materials. There are models available to dispense low viscosity – liquid materials up to heavy pastes with various meter capacities from small to large. Some models are available with air powered rotary dynamic mixers while others are available with various types of static mixers.

Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers can be customized to suit specific application requirements with any one of many optional features available. Optional features such as:

  • Time Lapse Warning controls
  • Auto Mixed Material Purge
  • Mixer Solvent Flush Package
  • Adjustable Timed Shot controls
  • Air / Oil Package for smoother flow control
  • Two Component Mix Guns
  • Plastic Disposable Static Mixers and Mixer Shrouds
  • Machine Fixed Mounted Applicator
  • Remote Applicator and discharge hose package

N-1023, N-1190, N-1264 & N-1277 Series Dispensers

The N-1023, N-1190, N-1264, N-1277 and N-1375 Series units represent an extensive line of 2 Component, Positive Displacement, Lance type Piston Metering, Constant Flow Rate Dispensers. These dispensers were originally developed to meter, mix and dispense 2 part epoxies. As such, these units have unique features that enable them to perform the task very well.

Like the N-888-CM Series dispensers, these units are fixed ratio dispensers capable of dispensing viscous materials up to 3 McP and at pressures up to 3000 psi. They also include a Pressure and Temperature Compensated Hydraulic Drive Package that powers the metering cylinders and provides Constant Flow Rate Capability. The Power Flow Valves used as Meter Inlet and Outlet Valves to the metering cylinders are the same ones used on the N-888-CM Series dispensers. Both Series share many of the same options.

But unlike the N-888-CM Series, these dispensers are designed to meter, mix, and dispense materials at the lower end of the volumetric ratio range, from 1:1 to as high as 18:1 on some models.

These dispensers utilize 2 port versions of the Jesco Roto-Stat Air Powered High Shear Dynamic Mixer. They are available in 3 different sizes to suit the flow rate and mixing requirements of the application.

Many of the dispensers in this series include a Quick Change Packing Design which greatly facilitates the task of servicing the Meter Packings. By removing 3 bolts, the metering rod and packing set can be easily removed for service, without the need to dismount the entire metering cylinder or disrupt any plumbing to or from it.

As can be seen from the photos, many variations of these dispensers are available to suit nearly any application. They can be used in Manual Dispensing applications, or Fully Automated Dispensing Cells when interfaced to a Robot or other Supervisory Controller.

The various models available offer a wide range of output capacities and flow rate capabilities. Ask us about a chart that tabulates the maximum full stroke output for each model at a 1:1 ratio.