N-2190 Series Metering Stations

The N-2190 Series Metering Stations can be used to dispense accurate and repeatable shots of low viscosity pourable fluids. These Metering Stations are ideal for use in Automotive Fluid Fill Systems for dispensing fluids such as Water-Methanol, Anti-Freeze, Trans-Axle fluids, etc. Please see the Industrial Fluid Fill and Lubricating Systems section.

The N-2190 Series Metering Stations are basically comprised of 2 Positive Piston Displacement, Double Acting Metering Cylinders, Directional Control Valves, an Applicator Valve and whip hose. The Metering Cylinders can be provided with End of Stroke Indicators with or without proximity switches, limit switches or limit valves. Electric or Pneumatic control panels can be provided to control all dispensing functions as appropriate for the application and operating environment.

The Double Acting Metering Cylinders are constructed of materials that are corrosion resistant and compatible with the fluid being dispensed. They are available in several different sizes, with maximum capacities per stroke such as 40, 60 and 76 US fl. Oz. and each one has an externally accessible adjustable output. Depending on the specific model, the Metering Cylinders can dispense fluids at pressures from 750 to 1700 psi.

The N-2190 Series Metering Stations are unique and compact dispensers. They require no electric, pneumatic or hydraulic power packages to actuate the Metering Cylinders. The Meters are powered by the fluid pressure supplied to them. Depending on the characteristics of the material being dispensed, in many applications this can be done efficiently and cost effectively with a standard 1:1 ratio diaphragm supply pump.

The twin Metering Cylinders of N-2190 Series Metering Stations can be utilized in several different fashions to suit the requirements of nearly any application. Each Metering Cylinder can be adjusted to a different shot size and selected from a 2 trigger Applicator Gun (as shown in the photo above) in applications requiring 2 preset volumes to be dispensed from 1 gun. One Metering Cylinder can be used as an Online Backup to the other that can be instantly selected when required. With the addition of another applicator valve and whip hose, each metering cylinder can dispense a different grade of fluid (oil) from 1 machine. For applications requiring very large fill volumes, both Metering Cylinders can be made to dispense in tandem to virtually double the capacity of the system.

For more information on the N-2190 Series Metering Stations or complete Fluid Fill Systems for your application, contact Jesco for details.

N-1740, N-1890 & N-1890-HV Series Ram Meter Dispensers

The Jesco Ram Meter Series dispensers are constant flow rate, positive displacement dispensers that can meter low to high viscosity adhesives and sealers directly from the material supply container. They can dispense precisely metered shots or consistent diameter beads at an adjustable and repeatable flow rate.

Because of their Pressure and Temperature Compensated Hydraulic drive package, the Ram Meter Series of dispensers can efficiently and accurately meter materials with better flow control than can be obtained with a reciprocating barrel or pail pump. Since they meter directly from the original supply container, these dispensers do not require supply pumps. This offers the end-user lower overall equipment costs, requires less floor space for the equipment and simplifies / reduces the amount of equipment maintenance required.

Ram Meter Dispensers are available in several different versions, with a multitude of available options.

The N-1740 Series Ram Meter pictured above is a small capacity unit that includes a 5 Gallon, 3” double post elevator and 5 Gallon follower plate. This dispenser can meter materials up to 3 McP. It has a maximum capacity of 1.9 in3 per stroke and can dispense at pressures up to 3000 psi.

The N-1890 Series Ram Meter dispensers are standard with Jesco’s Constant Flow Rate Hydraulic Drive package. They include a 55 Gallon, 3” double post elevator and 55 Gallon follower plate. A 5 Gallon follower plate is optional. The N-1890 Series Ram Meter dispensers can meter viscous materials up to 3 McP. They have a maximum capacity of 35.7 in3 per stroke and can dispense at pressures up to 3000 psi.

The N-1890-AE Series Ram Meter pictured above represents a variation in the N-1890 Series of dispensers. The “-AE” suffix stands for Analog Electric dispenser. In this series, the standard Hydraulic Power Unit and Cylinder drive package is replaced with a DC Servo Motor and Inverted Ball-screw Actuator. With closed loop velocity control, this dispenser provides constant flow rates at any given setting. This type of dispenser also responds to an analog signal that is sent from the Robot that is proportional to the flow rate of material required. Analog response with a Hydraulic Drive Ram Meter is also available in the N-1890-AH (Analog Hydraulic) Series dispensers.

The N-1890-HV Series Ram Meter dispenser pictured above is the largest in the Ram Meter Series. This High Viscosity unit includes a 55 Gallon, 5 1/2” double post elevator with 55 Gallon high draft follower plate. This series of Ram Meters can dispense High Viscosity materials up to 12 McP. They have a maximum meter capacity of 61.8 in3 per stroke and can dispense at pressures up to 6000 psi. Some of the same variations available in the N-1890 Series Ram Meters are also available in the N-1890-HV Series.

All Ram Meter dispensers have various options available to customize their use in a given application. Options such as the “-ROB” option, which provides a Volume and Flow Rate Indicator and Alarm Package as well as Pin Receptacles for interface to a Robot or other Supervisory controller. Timed shot controls for Manual dispense applications. Various Applicator Valves to fit the application. Etc.

N-808, N-1070, N-2215 & N-2665 Cycle-Matic Dispensers

The Jesco Cycle-Matic Series Dispensers are small, pneumatically powered, positive piston displacement dispensers. These single acting, adjustable output dispensers are basically comprised of an air driven metering piston with integral inlet and outlet power flow valves.

Cycle-Matic Dispensers are an ideal solution for dispensing small, repeatable volumes of material. They can dispense low viscosity liquids to high viscosity pastes and can be gravity fed or pump fed depending on the material characteristics. Cycle-Matic dispensers have been used to dispense various materials such as light bodied colorants, liquid lubricants, high viscosity grease, etc.

Cycle-Matic Dispensers are available in a number of standard models with various output capacities and power ratios to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

A multitude of options are available for the Cycle-Matic Series Dispensers to customize their use to any given application. Options such as:

  • Air and Electric Control Packages to sequence the unit and / or interface it with automation.
  • Optional materials of construction for material compatibility (SS, Brass, Plastic).
  • Optional Seal Compounds for material compatibility.
  • Pneumatic Flow Controls and Air over Oil packages to regulate the dispensing rate.
  • End of Stroke and Top of Stroke detection.
  • Gravity Feed and Pump Supply packages.

Contact Jesco for further details.

N-888-HV Series High Viscosity Dispensers

The N-888-HV Series Dispensers were designed and developed to precisely and reliably dispense High Viscosity (~12 McP) One Part Urethane Adhesives. Some models of these Heavy Duty Workhorses have dispensed as much as 78.5 in3 of HV Urethane per stroke. Others have dispensed at flow rates as high as 250 in3/min and some have satisfied production rates as high as 90 jobs per hour.

All N-888-HV Series Dispensers are Positive Displacement Single Acting Lance Piston Meter Dispensers with Power Flow Valves on the Inlet and Outlet of the Metering Cylinder. Meter capacities available range from 9.8 to 78.5 in3 per stroke, with the standard being 49 in3.

The standard N-888-HV unit pictured above with the optional –ROB and Casters options is a Heavy Duty Hydraulic powered dispenser with precise flow control provided by its 2 selectable key lock Temperature and Pressure Compensated Flow Controls on its Hydraulic Power Unit. This system has a maximum flow rate capability of 150 in3/min. It can dispense at pressures as high as 6000 psi material pressure and only require 1500 psi hydraulic pressure to do it.

The “–ROB” Option, available for any of the N-888-HV Series Dispensers, includes a Volume and Flow Rate Indicator with High and Low Alarm Set Points as well as Pin Receptacles for interfacing the dispenser to a Robot or other Supervisory controller.

The N-888-HV-TF-ROB Series dispenser pictured above is another version of the N-888-HV Series dispensers. The “–TF” suffix stands for Twin Flow dispenser. These systems have 2 Metering Units with common Inlet and Outlet plumbing, a common Hydraulic Power Unit and additional control functionality. They are used in High Duty Cycle applications where One metering unit Dispenses while the Other metering unit Refills. In this manner, the system is always ready to dispense. There is no need to wait for Refill to complete before the next dispense cycle can start. The twin meters also provide a measure of “back-up” to the dispensing cell. If one metering unit were to malfunction, the other can continue cycling.

The N-888-HV-AH-LRM Series dispenser pictured above represents yet another variation in the N-888-HV Series. The “-AH” suffix stands for Analog Hydraulic dispenser. This feature allows the Robot to set the dispensing flow rate by sending an analog signal to the dispenser. The dispenser responds to this signal and dispenses at a flow rate that is proportional to this signal with full compensation for variable loads.

The “-LRM” suffix stands for Lightweight Robot Mount dispenser. This version of the N-888-HV Series dispensers is designed to allow the metering unit to be mounted on the arm of a Robot. By mounting it close to the dispense tip, dispensing pressures are lower and changes in the commanded flow rate by the Robot can be realized at the tip with less delay. The entire metering unit assembly for this dispenser weighs 200 lbs. It is capable of dispensing at up to 4000 psi and can deliver up to 39.2 in3 of material per stroke.

The N-888-HV-AE-TF-ROB Series dispenser pictured above is yet another variation in the N-888-HV Series of dispensers. The “-AE” suffix stands for Analog Electric dispenser. These systems are entirely electric powered and include Heavy Duty 240 in-lb Continuous Torque DC Servo motors driving High Duty Cycle 20 ton Ball Screw Actuators. These systems also allow the Robot to set the dispensing flow rate by sending an analog signal that is proportionate to the flow rate required.

N-230 Series Mastic Metering Valves

N-230 Meters shown on RA-1362 Machine

Adjustable Shot Size From .2 to 10cc
Single Shot or Multiple Sequencing

Shot Meter Features:

  • 5 or 55 gallon pump fed for
    meter reload
  • Adjustable output via stroke limiter
  • Viscosities up to 2 million CPS
  • 2000 psi maximum working fluid pressure
  • 1/8 NPT Air operated
  • Lubed main seal available for moisture sensitive materials (shown)
  • Single shot or gang manifold mounted for multiple location shot requirements