Mastercraft Pump Series

Complete Series of Drum and Pail Supply Pumps for Industrial Sealants and Adhesives

Jesco is proud to introduce its Mastercraft Pump Line. Keeping with our long-standing reputation as leaders in the meter, mix and dispense industry, Jesco has incorporated the same simple design and ease of operation principles into each Mastercraft pump series.

The Mastercraft Pump Line provides maximum pump efficiency with minimum upkeep at a low cost. The Jesco/Mastercraft combination offers our customers a complete dispensing package: pump-dispenser-gun.

Features and Advantages

  • Generic “ISO” mount air valve. International standard compliance accepts Ross, Mac, Herion, Numatics, or plant preferred air valve.
  • Divorced design air circuit. Full range control—positive shifting of air motor at any pressure.
  • 6″ pump stroke for greater pump efficiency.
  • Oversized elevator piston rods. No binding/smooth operation.
  • Cast follower has full flow intake. Greater volumetric pump efficiency.
  • Hardened and ground pump components. Maximum reliability with minimum maintenance.
  • Optional “state-of-the-art” seals. Choice of seal compounds for reduced maintenance.
  • Modular interchangeability of air motors, foot valves, elevators and followers. Conversion flexibility.

5 Gallon Pump Prime Video Instructions