N-1022 Series Recirculating Primer Application System

N-1022B Series Recirculating Primer Application Systems are complete packages that were originally designed to dispense highly filled, moisture sensitive black-out primers. They can also be used to dispense other low viscosity coatings.

N-1022B Series Systems utilize a chemically impervious diaphragm pump to feed material to a flow gun and constantly circulate the material in a closed system. Constant circulation through the system ensures homogeneous material by preventing fillers from settling out of solution.

N-1022B Series Recirculating Primer Application Systems pump directly out of the original material supply container. There is no need to transfer material to another reservoir, thus saving handling time and preventing possible spills. The systems also include a desiccant air dryer to vent the system and prevent moisture contamination of the material.

N-1022B Series Systems are available in several different types and models to suit specific application requirements. Models such as the “-ROB” model pictured here, are available for robotic applications and include a Flow Switch to monitor material flow, a Jesco Model N-2040 or N-2630 Series Recirculating Adjustable Flow gun and a Terminal Box for interfacing the system to the robot.

Many other models and optional features are available for the N-1022B Series Systems. Optional features and accessories such as:

  • Various Flow-Through brushes, felt pads, and dispense tips
  • Low-Level Platforms for detecting empty supply containers
    Auto-Crossover Packages
  • “Drip and Drag” ready systems
  • Optional pumps
  • High Ambient Moisture Resistance Kits
  • Optional supply containers
  • Optional Suction Assemblies