N-2900 Series One Component High Viscosity Gear Meter Dispensers

N-2900A-LV-AE Tutorial

Urethane Gear Meter Systems

Jesco has 3 basic types of High Viscosity Urethane Gear Meter Dispensers: N-2900 Series, N-2900A-AE Series, and N-2900B-AE Series. 

These systems are typically used in automotive glass bonding applications for dispensing High Viscosity (1-2 Million CPS) Urethane Adhesives. Similar systems are available for dispensing lower viscosity adhesives and / or sealer materials.

N-2900 Series

  • Basic, low cost Gear Meter Dispenser for Manual dispense or less critical Automated dispense applications.
  • Precision Tool Steel Gear Pump for Positive Displacement, long life, and low maintenance.
  • Gear Pump Specifications:
    –50 cc/rev displacement.
    –5800 psi max outlet pressure.
    –4300 psi max differential
  • Inline Helical Gear Reducer.
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor with Mag feedback and brake.
  • Outlet Pressure Switch for monitoring High and Low pressure conditions.
  • Pedestal Mounted Vertical Pump Down metering unit.
  • Relay Logic Control Panel with 2 Pin Receptacles for Automation Interface.
    (1) for 120 VAC discrete signals.
    (1) for 0-10 VDC Analog Flow Rate Setpoint.
  • Regenerative DC Drive Motor controller.
  • 20 ft Hardwired Cables to Metering Unit.
  • Manual Flow Rate Adjustment Pot.
  • Optional Flow Rate Indicator with Adjustable Alarm Set-points.