N-2900-LV-AE Low Volume Series One Component High Viscosity Gear Meter Dispensers

One Component High Viscosity Low Volume Beads or Shots

System Features:

  • .5 to 250cc/minute Flow Rate
  • Viscosities up to 2 million CPS
  • 2400 psi maximum working fluid pressure
  • Adjustable Flow Rate in Manual & Automatic Mode
  • Consistent Bead via Precision Gear Meter
  • Manual or Robot Commanded
  • Custom nozzles available
  • 220 or 480-volt control panel
  • Low-level material warning beacon
  • Flow Rate & Total Volume Dispensed Digital Readout
  • Pressure Transducers to monitor proper Inlet & Outlet Conditions

N-2900A-LV-AE Tutorial