N-1935 Series Dripless Primer Dispensing System

N-1935-5C Series
N-1935-55 Series

Designed for manual application of heavy bodied “Dripless” primer in the automotive industry, the N-1935 Series Dripless Primer Dispensing Systems can also be used to dispense other thixotropic coatings and fluids. As can be seen in the accompanying photos, two main types of systems exist.

The N-1935-55 Series Dispensing Systems are designed for high volume applications. These entirely pneumatic operated and controlled systems dispense material directly out of the original 55 gallon material supply container. Each system includes 2 pumping stations with pneumatic Auto-Crossover controls to indicate and switch pumping from a drum that is at low-level to one that is full, without interrupting production. Each pumping station includes:

  • 55 gallon air operated drum top pump
  • 55 gallon air powered agitator
  • Pneumatic low-level sensor
  • Single post air / oil pump lift

The N-1935-5C Series Dispensing Systems are designed for low volume applications. These systems are also entirely pneumatically operated and controlled, but are used to dispense material directly from original 5 gallon material supply containers. Each N-1935-5C Series System includes 1 pump with 2 pail cover mounted suction assemblies and valves used to select one or the other supply containers. When one or the other low-level platforms detect a low-level in the container being pumped from, the pump is automatically switched over to draw from the other full container. Each pail cover assembly also includes an air powered agitator.

All N-1935-55 and N-1935-5C Series Dispensing Systems include 2 Dual Downstream Regulator assemblies. Each Dual Regulator assembly is provided with an applicator gun and flow through brush.

For more information on these or other Primer Dispenser Systems available, contact Jesco for further details.