Model 300 & 400 Series Tube Dispensers

Have a low material usage, manual apply dispensing application that still requires good bead size consistency or shot size control? Can’t justify the cost of a full blown metering system for your application? Contact Jesco and ask about the Model 300 and 400 Series tube dispensers.

The Jesco Tube Dispensers are low cost, lightweight, air powered dispensers that eliminate the need to squeeze the material from the tube by hand. This facilitates the operator’s task of dispensing the material and thus helps provide more consistent results.

The Jesco Tube Dispensers are designed to readily accept and dispense directly from material manufacturers’ prepackaged 3 and 5 or 12 oz. tubes of adhesive. They also utilize the same plastic nozzle that is supplied with the tube of material. This saves time by minimizing installation / load time, eliminates the need to clean up messy operations and reduces material waste costs.

Material Flow from the Tube Dispenser is easily adjusted by varying the air pressure to the tube chamber. When air pressure is exhausted from the chamber, flow stops.

The Jesco Tube Dispensers are available in either Hand Held or Stand Mount versions. Various options are also available to customize their use in nearly any application.