N-2990 Series Double Acting One Component Dispensers

The Jesco N-2990 Series Electric Drive Double Acting dispensers were designed to dispense small amounts of low to moderately high viscosity materials. A Stepper Motor Driven Linear Actuator is used to drive 2 Lance type Positive Piston Displacement Meters. The meters are arranged in an opposed fashion such that when one meter is Dispensing, the other meter is Refilling. In this manner, the Double Acting Metering provides a nearly continuous flow of material, thus eliminating the need for Refill time.

Each positive displacement meter has its own set of power operated inlet and outlet flow valves. Both inlets are plumbed together to a common material feed system and both outlets are plumbed together to a common applicator valve. Each metering unit includes its own pressure transducer, allowing the PLC controller to monitor for proper operating conditions in each meter at all times.

These systems are designed to accurately dispense either small repeatable shots or small consistent beads of material at a constant flow rate. Both are adjustable via a thumbwheel on the operator interface. Dispensers are available in 1.8 cc, 7.2 cc and 16.3 cc per stroke displacements in order to better fit the requirements of an application. Shot sizes as small as 0.015 cc per shot can be dispensed. Flow rates as low as 0.015 cc/sec can be dispensed in bead mode.