Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Two Component Dispensers

The Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers are a complete line of fixed ratio, single acting, positive piston displacement metering systems. All Model 500 Series Dispensers are air powered units and most include an adjustable output feature. Poly-Matic Series dispensers are relatively low cost dispensing systems typically used in manual or semi-automated dispensing applications where repeatable fixed shots of mixed material are required.

As can be seen in the chart below, the Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers encompass models that can dispense a wide range of 2 component materials. There are models available to dispense low viscosity – liquid materials up to heavy pastes with various meter capacities from small to large. Some models are available with air powered rotary dynamic mixers while others are available with various types of static mixers.

Jesco Model 500 Series Poly-Matic Dispensers can be customized to suit specific application requirements with any one of many optional features available. Optional features such as:

  • Time Lapse Warning controls
  • Auto Mixed Material Purge
  • Mixer Solvent Flush Package
  • Adjustable Timed Shot controls
  • Air / Oil Package for smoother flow control
  • Two Component Mix Guns
  • Plastic Disposable Static Mixers and Mixer Shrouds
  • Machine Fixed Mounted Applicator
  • Remote Applicator and discharge hose package