LP Series One Component Liquid Dispensers

The Jesco LP Series Fluid dispensers are air driven, single acting, adjustable stroke, positive displacement piston metering dispensers, specifically designed for metering precise shots of material. They are available in a multitude of sizes to fulfill nearly any requirement. Jesco LP Series dispensers are available to meter quantities as small as 1/10 cc to as large as 1 US Gallon per stroke and everything in between.

LP Series dispensers can meter material directly from 1, 2, 5 & 55 gallon containers. Various suction feed attachments, drum or pail top and bung hole mounts are available. LP units can also be gravity fed from larger tanks or totes.

A multitude of options are available for the LP Series Dispensers to customize their use for any given application. Options such as:

  • Air and Electric Control Packages to control the unit and interface it with automation.
  • Optional materials of construction for material compatibility (SS, Brass, Plastic).
  • Optional Seal Compounds for material compatibility.
  • Various Applicator Valves for remote dispensing.
  • End of Stroke and Top of Stroke detection.
  • Steel, SS or Plastic Supply Containers and covers.
  • Agitators, Heaters and Pail Warmers.

The following is a table of basic models.

LP ModelsMaximum OutputPower Ratio
LP25.6 cc4:1
LP44.0 cc25:1
LP99.0 cc11:1
LP141.4 cc7.5:1
LP1616.0 cc6.2:1
LP1717.0 cc1.5:1
LP2525.0 cc4:1
LP3232.0 US fl. Oz.1:1
LP5050.0 cc11.7:1
LP100100.0 cc5.7:1
LP128128.0 US fl. Oz1:1
LP170170.0 cc4:1
LP200200.0 cc4:1
LP240240.0 cc2.9:1

Note:  Power Ratio is the Ratio of Theoretical Fluid Pressure Obtained over Air Pressure Applied.