N-2800 Series Cartridge Dispensers

The The N-2800 Series Dispensers were originally developed for robotic dispensing applications in the aerospace industry. They were designed to dispense pre-mixed 2 component Polysulfide material directly from prepackaged 32 fl. Oz. plastic cartridges. Today, these dispensers can be utilized to dispense nearly any viscous 1 or 2 part pre-packaged materials.

The N-2800 Series Cartridge Dispensers include a lightweight, electric servo motor driven metering unit that can be mounted to the arm of a robot. This allows the length of hose connecting the metering unit to the applicator gun to be minimized and thus provides for a more responsive system. The powerful brushless DC servo motor system powers the metering unit and provides repeatable flow rates of material that are proportionate to a robot analog command signal.

The N-2800 Series Dispensers include a “Quick Change” cartridge retainer that provides for the rapid replacement of a cartridge when it is empty. It also allows materials to be dispensed from a standard plastic cartridge at pressures up to 2000 psi without bursting.

The N-2800 Series Cartridge Dispensers include a Nema 12 rated “stand alone” control panel that is built to JIC standards. This control panel is used to monitor and control all dispenser functions and parameters. It also includes a complete robot and operator interface to the dispenser.

Various options are available for the N-2800 Series Cartridge Dispensers. Options such as a “Time Lapse Warning” package provide visual and audible indicators of the remaining work life of the mixed material being dispensed.

Other types of cartridge dispensers are also available from Jesco. Smaller capacities, Hydraulic drive, Air powered and N-3200-CD Series FACTS type cartridge dispensers are available. Contact Jesco for further details.