N-5310 Batch Dispenser

The Batch System is a programmable, microprocessor based unit which provides batch control, monitors flow rate and controls the flow of processing liquids. Start/Stop controls can be used in conjunction with pre-warn and final relays to provide valve actuation or pump control. An optional configuration offers streamlined preset adjustments, remote Start, Stop & Reset, and weighted averaging.

  • Accurately deliver pre-determined shots/batches
  • PLC Standard with spare I/O for Customer Interface
  • HMI Display may be toggled between batch, rate, and grand total
  • Totally Programmable for Multiple batch Size Requirements
  • Viscosities up to 50,000 CPS
  • Precision Flow meter accurate to
    within 1%
  • Continuous flow capabilities
  • Pressure fed inlet up to 100 psi
  • Pressure feed system optional
  • Available with optional hand fill gun or Stationary mounted applicator
  • 110v Programmable Batch Controller
  • Power outlet valve for accurate
  • The K Factor is used to convert the input pulses or analog input into workable units
  • Robot Adaptable
  • .2 to 30 liters per minute capability
  • Ethernet interface available
  • Data Logging Available