N-2290 Series Two Component Electric Drive Dispensers

The N-2290 Series dispensers are 2 Component, Positive Displacement, Lance type Piston Metering units. Powered by a large DC Servo Motor and Ball-Screw Actuator, this series of dispensers are also Constant Flow Rate types, due to the Closed Loop Velocity Control of the Metering Unit.

Originally developed for dispensing precise beads of structural adhesive in a manufacturing process for Cruise Missiles, this series of dispensers has also been used to precisely and reliably fill cavities in Air Bag Crash Sensors.

PLC controlled and with an extensive Robot interface that communicates important process information and equipment status to a Supervisory controller, this series of dispensers is especially suited for precision work at high duty cycles.

The N-2290 Series dispensers can meter, mix and dispense virtually any 2 part pump fed material, from low viscosity pourable fluids, to viscous pastes as high as 2 Million CPS and at pressures up to 3000 psi. Depending on the meters selected, these fixed ratio dispensers can have rather large capacities. Due to their long 10” stroke, at a 1:1 volumetric ratio, a maximum output per stroke of 48.1 in3 is available. Volumetric Ratios of 1:1 up to 22:1 are attainable through selection of various sized metering cylinders.

The N-2290 Series dispensers are standard with Jesco’s Roto-Stat High Shear Dynamic Mixers to provide consistent and uniform mixed material. They are available in 3 different sizes and in 1 or 2 port inlet versions to suit the individual requirements of an application. For very difficult to mix epoxy chemistries, the N-2530 Series Roto-Stat mixer is available. This single port inlet, 3 fl. Oz. capacity mixer has a “Pre-mix” static mixer element at the inlet of the mixer chamber. It also has a “Profiled” inner mix chamber design that virtually guarantees complete mix with no striations on even the most difficult to mix epoxy chemistries dispensed at delivery rates as high as 25 cc per second. Jesco’s N-1172 Two Component Static Mixer Dispense Gun is optional.

The N-2290 Series dispensers include a PLC control panel that provides a full complement of Manual as well as Automatic control functions. Functions such as Timed Shot, Time Lapse Warning, Auto Mixed Material Purge, Auto Flush, etc. are all standard functions and can be adjusted to meet individual applications.

Several versions of the N-2290 Series dispensers are available. Some have Volume and Flow Rate Indicators. Others have Dual Mixer Assemblies and some have Dual Applicator Guns. Contact Jesco for details. Chances are, we already have the feature you require for your application.