N-2600 Series Merpol Two Component Fluid Dispensing Systems

N-2600 Series

Merpol Fluid Dispensing Systems

As part of the process of installing engines into vehicles on an automotive assembly line, Water – Merpol solution is applied to the inner end of rubber hoses to facilitate the installation. The process of proportioning, mixing and dispensing the mixture was a time consuming, messy and inconsistent manual process. Jesco was contacted for a solution.

The N-2600 Series Merpol Fluid Dispensing System was designed and built to solve the problem. It metered, mixed and dispensed 64 US fl. oz. shots of fluids at a volumetric ratio of 200:1 parts Water to Merpol. Both the output and ratio were adjustable.

The N-2600 Series Dispensing System is a complete package that utilizes a Jesco double acting adjustable output metering cylinder to meter the water. The Merpol is metered with an adjustable output Cycle-Matic dispenser. The output from both meters is fed to a pressure pot and mixed there with a lid mounted air powered agitator. After dispensing 4 shots into the pressure pot, 1/2 gallon shots of solution are dispensed into a customer supplied container with every cycle thereafter. The entire system is controlled with an air logic control panel, complete with cycle counter to keep track of the dispense cycles performed. The system includes a small machine base to which everything is mounted and also includes a drip tray and spill containment means in case of accidental overflows. The system also includes a convenient means to perform ratio checks.

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