N-3685 Series Four Component Batch Dispenser

The N-3685 Dispenser is designed to meter up to 4 low viscosity pourable materials at up to 14 predetermined and selectable formulas / recipes. This dispenser is an ideal piece of equipment for a Model or Mold Shop requiring several different blends of a multi-component material mixture.

The dispenser is basically comprised of 4 metering units mounted on a common frame with a PLC control panel. Each metering unit is basically comprised of the following:

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • Electromechanical Brake
  • Worm Gear Speed Reducer
  • Metering Pump
  • Pump Position Pulse Wheel and Sensor

Any of the 14 Formulas can be dispensed by entering the Formula Number via a thumbwheel and starting the dispense cycle. The system will dispense up to 4 components of material (according to the formula), in succession and to the appropriate percentages, for a total batch volume of 4 _ Gallons. Each metering unit will dispense its percentage of the total batch within +/- 0.5 %.

The system also includes 4 one component formulas that can be used to initially set-up the system and verify the volumetric output calibration of the individual metering units.