N-4100 Series Electric Drive Two Component Dispenser

The N-4100 Series 2 Component Dispensers are designed to accurately meter, mix and dispense higher viscosity 2 component adhesives and sealers that must be pump fed. These precision dispensers are intended to be interfaced to a Robot and are typically used in Fully Automated Dispensing Applications. They are fixed ratio dispensers that deliver a flow rate of material proportionate to an analog signal received from the Robot.

The N-4100 Series Dispensers are comprised of the following key features:

  • 2 Precision Tool Steel Gear Pumps provide positive displacement of the 2 components and long pump life, thus minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Numerous Pump Sizes are available to meet nearly any Ratio by Volume and Flow Rate Requirement.
  • Pressure Transducers at both the Inlet and Outlet of both pumps allow monitoring for acceptable operating conditions and prevent dispensing if they are not.
  • Pumps are Gear Driven together with 1 common drive package. This helps ensure that the 2 components are dispensed on ratio and reduces equipment costs by eliminating 1 drive package. Gears are easily changed to adjust ratio in small amounts.
  • Capable of Volumetric Dispense Ratios from 1:1 to 20:1 through proper pump size and gear ratio selections.
  • Inline, High Efficiency, Cycloidal gear reducer is Maintenance Free for 4 years.
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor provides a robust and maintenance free pump driver, capable of fast Accels and Decels.
  • Metering unit is available in several types of mounts such as: Robot Hip, Arm or Shoulder Mount, Pedestal Mount, etc.
  • Includes 1 of several types of Jesco 2 Component Mix Guns that readily accept a multitude of different plastic disposable static mixers available. Type of Gun and size of mixer is dependant on material characteristics and application parameters.
  • Includes a PLC Control Panel complete with Touchscreen for HMI functionality as standard, as well as a complete Analog and Discrete I/O Robot Interface. Other PLC’s and Interface types are optional.