Power Operated Shut-Off Valves

Jesco has a comprehensive line of Air Power Operated Directional Flow Valves. With such a wide product range, Jesco can provide a valve that will meet or exceed the requirements of virtually any application. Be it low viscosity pourable liquids, or highly viscous pastes, or anything in between, chances are that Jesco has a valve for your application.

The standard Jesco valve product line encompasses valve designs with:

  • Port sizes up to 2 NPT
  • Flange Mounted valves
  • Pressure ratings up to 6000 psi
  • Power Ratios up to 72:1
  • 2-way or 3-way type operation
  • Draw Back / Suck Back features
  • Hard or soft seats
  • Bubble tight shut-off capability
  • Various materials of construction from steel, stainless steel, tool steel, brass, aluminum, plastics
  • Various platings / coatings such as zinc, chrome, nickel, titanium, Teflon, hard anodize
  • Various seal types
  • Various seal compounds
  • Direct or Reverse Acting functions
  • Poppet or Balanced Spool designs
  • Threaded or Quick Disconnect Cartridge style valves
  • Quick Disconnect Injector type valves
  • Normally Closed spring assist types
  • Air Bleeder valves

Ask us about a chart that tabulates information on some of the standard Jesco Power Flow Valves available.

All standard Jesco Power Flow Valves can be customized to suit special requirements of an application with one or more of several available optional features. Options such as:

  • Mode indicators
  • Valve open limit or proximity detection switches
  • Various wet seal designs
  • Choice of seal compounds
  • Various materials of construction
  • Various platings / coatings
  • NPT, JIC, SAE or BSPP ports
  • High durability wear components

Can’t find a valve that completely suits the requirements of your application? No Problem! Jesco can design and build custom valves to your exact requirements.

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