Gear Metering

N-210 and N-211 Series Hand Crank Dispensers

The Jesco N-210 and N-211 Series Hand Crank Dispensers are designed to deliver batches of 2 component materials at a predetermined ratio into a mixing cup for hand mixing. These dispensers are ideal for plastic tool or mold shops or material manufacturer’s labs or any other application where production rates are low or mixture work life is short and does not warrant automatic meter, mix and dispense equipment.

N-5310 Batch Dispenser

The Batch System is a programmable, microprocessor based unit which provides batch control, monitors flow rate and controls the flow of processing liquids. Start/Stop controls can be used in conjunction with pre-warn and final relays to provide valve actuation or pump control. An optional configuration offers streamlined preset adjustments, remote Start, Stop & Reset, and weighted averaging.

N-4100 Series Electric Drive Two Component Dispenser

The N-4100 Series 2 Component Dispensers are designed to accurately meter, mix and dispense higher viscosity 2 component adhesives and sealers that must be pump fed. These precision dispensers are intended to be interfaced to a Robot and are typically used in Fully Automated Dispensing Applications. They are fixed ratio dispensers that deliver a flow rate of material proportionate to an analog signal received from the Robot.